Got any comments, suggestions or requests?

I'm a busy girl but I check my e-mail daily, and try to answer back the sooner I can. You can e-mail me here or look for me around forums.
My Ezboard ID is Leelooy, and you could also see me at Yahoo Groups as ine_jones.
Besides, if you visit Simmerville you may find some of my creations under the name Aggie McCoy, the sim who represents me on that community.

Please take into account that I'd prefer to take requests which somehow fit into the rest of my site. Anyway, feel free to ask and if I have the time and skills to do it, count on it :)

For any suggestions on design write to Skylined, site's designer.
Problem reports such as broken links or bad files should be sent to me.

By the way, my first language is Spanish, not English (I'm from Uruguay) so if you find any typos or grammar mistakes, I would really appreciate that you let me know.