Updates 2003


12 / 23 / 03    

Today I have another Christmas gift, just in time for the celebrations!
New download available:
- Christmas Pudding.


12 / 20 / 03    

Hi! I hope you are fine and preparing yourselves to enjoy the holidays. Today I have the pleasure to announce another new affiliate, SimSlinkS, a great site with skins and links owned by a very good friend of mine.
There are also new downloads available:
- Candy Canes.
- Spice Rack Fridge in three new versions.
Don't forget to check all the other sweets of this bakery :) Merry Christmas.


10 / 20 / 03    

Hello there! I have a new affiliate, SIMobiliaria Co. If you haven't visited this wonderful site, you'll love to see what's on stock for you there!
And what about me? Am I being lazy? LOL, no, but I have tons of work to hand in at College, and it's getting harder and harder. I've started working on a new kitchen set, and I guess that by the end of November will be able to update, hopefully sooner. Stay tuned with the updates list! :)


08 / 25 / 03    

My affiliate Southern Living Sims has been forced to change their name and domain due to a trademark problem (grrr!). The good news is that they already came up with a new great name: Sim & Let Sim, and the site will be at a new domain soon.
And as for this site, I'm taking a short break because of my studies and real life, but in the little spare time I currently have, I'll be working in lots of new stuff for you ;) See you soon!


08 / 4 / 03    

- New download available:
My special gift to SimGoddesses group for their 10.000 members party!


08 / 1 / 03    

This site got the Best New Site Award for July 2003 at Wall to Wall Sims Forum! Thank you everyone for voting, and thanks to Wendy from Wall to Wall Sims for organizing the event!


07 / 25 / 03    

- New downloads available:
Assorted pastries including Chocolate Muffins, Blueberry Muffins, Gingerbread Men and Sparkled Chocolate Cakes. No EP required.
- New links added.
- Buttons and banner available at Links in case you want to link here :)


07 / 17 / 03    

Hi there! Please redownload the 1930s stove, since it worked OK in most versions of the game but it froze the game in the simple version w/o EPs. Sorry for any inconvenience!


07 / 5 / 03    

- New downloads available:
A 1930s stove, a matching carrot canning station, and a great fridge that gives new food options made by Mark from Simfully group!


06 / 22 / 03    

- I proudly introduce you to my new affiliates, Sims Kat House and Southern Living Sims. Be sure to visit these great sites!
- I've slightly modified my cloning policy. If you're interested see Info for more details.
- New links added.


05 / 20 / 03    
- New downloads available!
Banana Tree, Banana Cream Pie, Cheesecake, Cinnammon Streusel Cake, Cupcakes, Sandwiches, Toasts with Jam, Orange. As always, all the treats are edible.
- New system for updates notifications (see above).
- New links added.


05 / 16 / 03    
"Info" section added.
This is for those of you who want to do something more than using my objects in your game. I made it because I've been receiving quite a few mails about this topic and it will save time to everyone :)


04 / 30 / 03    
My edible strawberry cakes are ready to download, hope you enjoy them :) I also improved the Animated Butterflies. See details at Downloads.
If you have any ideas for next updates please let me know. I've already thought about it, but I'm always open to suggestions.


04 / 26 / 03    
Uploaded my goodies for downloading!
Next update will bring some strawberry cakes, that will require LL or Maxis Turkey. There will be a full cake and an individual cake.