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Here you can find stuff I made for the game, mostly related to food... and I mean anything that has to do something with it, such as edible meals, appliances, fruit trees and whatever comes next. Anyway, I like a lot of different themes and could upload some miscellaneous items as well. Hope you have fun in here! Check for updates below and if you have any suggestions or requests go to Contact page, that's the best way to help my site grow :)


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10 /25 / 04    

Hi friends :)
Even though I haven't found the time to update the bakery, Isabel, a really talented webmistress of a new site (but quite an experienced creator) has affiliated with me and I feel really proud. Don't hesitate to pay a visit to her place, El desván de los Sims. She has some really cute stuff, and keeps on adding more ;)


07 /17 / 04    

Hi there! I'm sorry I couldn't make an update sooner, but College is killing me and I haven't been able to finish my projects. Anyway, I've made some changes.
- I have two new wonderful affiliates, I hope you pay them a visit!
- We have a new mailing list. Those of you who were in the old one will receive an e-mail from Bravenet asking for confirmation to join the new one.
- A yahoo group has been created to have a backup of the downloads of this site for the times when this server goes down.
- I've modified my cloning policy. See Info for details.
Last but not least, new downloads available:
- Wedding Cake.
- Fixed Spice Rack Fridge. Now it works with any version of the game! Thanks are given to Lost Sims :)



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